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We would like you to get to know us, please see below the team:

Team Tenacious

Adam Smith (Owner of Tenacious DJ and Director of Tenacious Events)

Adam Created Tenacious DJ in 2009 and grew a small business specialising in Discos to one of the midlands largest DJ agency. With a wealth of experience DJing along running his current business and other venues Adam wanted to pull together all this resources and contact to create a one spot shop in event entertainment.

Russell Coombes (Owner of Tenacious Electrical and Director of Tenacious Events)

Russell has worked alongside Adam since he started Tenacious DJ by PAT testing and maintaining his equipment to a high standard for the DJ’s. He has watched Tenacious DJ grow over the years, now with his electrical background being used for Tenacious Events they can produce the exact criteria the client is looking for.

Adam Josephs  (DJ)

Adam joined Tenacious DJ in 2009 and helped grow the success of the business and joins Tenacious Events with vast amounts of experienced and industry knowledge. Adam has also taken responsibility of being our Field Manager, of where his duties include doing spot checks on our DJ’s to maintain standard etc.

Gareth Hunter (DJ)

Gareth has been with Tenacious DJ from 2009 and works closely with Adam Joesphs. Together they have massive amounts of experience and always received positive feedback from every gig they do. They are a massive asset to the Tenacious Group.

Liam Bhatti (DJ)

Liam first joined Tenacious DJ in 2011 and has firmly made himself a regular and consistent high performer at all gig he attends. Liam also DJ’s privately for a nightclub, and it a great choice for young audiences.

Matt Ashton (DJ)

Matt has been with Tenacious DJ since 2010 and been extremely popular with our regular client, he is great to get on with and will bend over backwards to accommodate your requirements on your day.

Wayne Cartridge (DJ)

Wayne joined Tenacious DJ in  2012 and gave up his own business to work with us. His commitment and reliability is up there with the best and passion for every gig to be a success is evident in his approach to every gig.

David Stanton (DJ)

Dave has been with Tenacious DJ since 2012 and as quickly established himself as a regular DJ for us and continually puts in great performances at every gig. Clients often as for him to return and there always seem to be a crowd on the dance floor every time he performs. (He is also a very skilful DJ and produces his own music!)

Adam Wignall (DJ)

Adam is the newest addition to the Tenacious DJ team and joined in  2013. He has experienced of provide gig from his own business but he joins use with some really good equipment and excellent musical knowledge. Adam is also a keen singer and love to provide the karaoke party for us and is happy to get the party started.

Byron White (DJ)

Byron, is are latest recruit of DJ’s he come from a background of being a drummer in a soul and Motown band, so as you can imagine has great knowledge of music from this era. He gets on with everyone and is very accommodating to the client’s needs.

Aaron Smith (Events Ground Team Installer / Driver)

Aaron has been part of the Tenacious Team for the past 16 months, with his help and creativity we manage to fulfil every client’s vision of how they want their event to look. He’s also our driver for the events that need either of our larger vehicles.

Steve Pymm (DJ)

Steve will have no problem in us saying he is the oldest of the DJ, but by no means does that mean he is not in touch with the latest tune. Steve’s boost the most experience out of all the DJ’s and has can handle any dancefloor in any situation.

Ashley Davis  (Events Ground Team Installer)

Ash assists with all the large installs for the Tenacious Team with his background experience of being a roofing engineer he is our key asset for our bigger jobs that need that extra bit of concentration while working at heights

Lisa Brown  (Events Administrator)

Lisa deals with all the organising and processing of bookings. She is extremely organised and will make sure every single detail of your request for the event is given to your DJ no matter how large or small.

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