Twinkle Curtains can be often given various names, Star Curtains, Star Cloths, what every they are called, we love them!

A simply curtain can completely transform the look of a room.

Twinkle Ideas?!

-   Top Table at a Wedding

-  Backdrop for a ceremony table

-  Full Room Transformation

-  Back drop for a Stage of a Band

There are various use of the curtains, we will professional install these and collect the following day.

Twinkle Curtains
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We have the following available:

-  Black Curtain with White LEDs  - From £150                       

-  White Curtain with White LEDs with White Veil - From £195

-  White Curtain with White LEDs with Ivory Veil  - From £195

We hire in 6m lengths and can go has high as 3m, so let us know what size you need and we will get you a competitive price!

Discounts are available if you are hiring alongside another service

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